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shiploader, судовой перегружатель, стамбул istanbul #ship_loader @travelling_ship_loader #bulk_handling terminal @mobile_shiploader istanbul @стамбулперегружательзерна @sergey.jikharev
Travelling ship loader
A travelling ship loader is mounted on rails and equipped with a tripper conveyor to elevate the material to the loader boom. The tripper is fed by a dock conveyor, which extends the full length of the ship and is positioned parallel to the parked vessel. After a single hold of the ship is filled, the loader is moved to the next operating zone travelling at a rate of approximately 50 feet per minute. Clearance between the boom and the vessel is achieved by implementing either a luffing option (typically by winch) or boom shuttle feature, to clear the fender line while the ship loader is travelling along the dock. With either a shuttle boom or luffing option (properly sized to convey at an incline), material can be distributed inside the hold quite easily along the operating axes, with the use of a travelling loader. istanbul #ship_loader @travelling_ship_loader @sergey.jikharev
A travelling ship loader is the most efficient machine to operate for handling bulk materials compared to other design #ship_loader @travelling_ship_loader @sergey.jikharev

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